Nuovi piatti de la Pizzaria La Notizia

La Notizia presents its new plates

It was launched on a big question mark the evening that, last Monday, gathered journalists, pizza lovers and habitue of the pizzeria located in via Caravaggio to present La Notizia new plates. The same question mark that dominates on the blank score before the composer writes his music, the one that moves a fashion designer

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Franceschini e Enzo Coccia al museo Madre

Deep-fried pizzas at Madre

There are 6 months more or less, less than 200 days, to the Universal Exposition and while in Milan, between debates and inquiries, preparations for hosting the great event are in full swing, Naples held the European Tourism Forum. At its XIII edition, the annual meeting, co-organised by the European Commission and a member state,

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For their 20 years Enzo Coccia and Peppe Guida had a big party in Castellammare di Stabia

Theyturned twenty. Not they, of course, but their business. EnzoCoccia and PeppeGuida. Twostoriesofhard workandsuccess.Two different characterswhose popularity proves that they are talented and it is undeniable.The firstlikes todraw the attentionto himselfand he looksperfectly at easein the glare of the spotlight, the other, so pragmatic and discreet, prefers the backseat. Witha careerfull ofachievementsand satisfactions, today, they

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Enzo Coccia and the Slow pizzas

24, 13, 12-16. No, these are not the numbers to the Lottery; these are more simply the numbers of the program. 24, from 13 different countries, students of the Master’s degree in “Food Culture and Communication: High Quality Products”, for four days, from May 12 to 16, have got around the provinces of Naples, Caserta

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