Biblioteca dei Girolamini

Paper treasures at Girolamini library

Don’t you think that if Giambattista Vico had lived today he would have walked the few meters between his home and the Girolamini library within a fraction of seconds to bite Coccia brothers’ creations yesterday morning? The unique smell of paper, dear to the Neapolitan philosopher, was combined with the aroma, equally singular, of Enzo

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Masaniello Award 2015 to Enzo Coccia

by Andrea Coccia
Tommaso Aniello d’Amalfi, also known as Masaniello, was the leader of the Neapolitan Revolution against the Spanish government, burst forth, in July 1647, from the strong fiscal pressure exerted on the city of Naples by the viceregal regime. The news of a fisherman’s revolt quickly spread beyond the Alps, turning him into an inspiration model for famous...

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The Neapolitan Pizza at Genoa Shipping Week

Genoa Shipping Week, at its second edition, had a great success. It was started on Monday September 14th to celebrate, with a wide variety of events, conferences and debates, the shipping world. For a week, the Ligurian city hosted the best of the maritime industry and directed the spotlight onto the sector and the strong

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Naples: the Art of Food at Malazè

It sailed yesterday, “burning” of new ideas and initiatives, the huge ark of the biggest food&wine and archeological event, the only one along the Italian boot, on which, this year, waves the flag number 10 – 10 days for the tenth edition – to point the spotlights at the Phlegraean Fields and what that territory,

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Neapolitan pizza on paper. A book to keep an eye on

The spaces of the very special Royal Palace of Portici Chinese Room were flooded by the enthusiasm and the applause that greeted the presentation, introduced by the journalist Donatella Bernabò Silorata, of “La Pizza Napoletana…più di una Notizia scientifica sul processo di lavorazione artigianale”, the first scientific book that has ever been dedicated to the

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Enzo Coccia a Linea Verde

The Neapolitan soul starring at Linea Verde

After nearly a year Linea Verde has visited the Campania region again. 365 days later, more or less, the popular Rai Uno TV program decided to direct the pointer once again on one of the most fertile land in the world, intensely mortified, though, by decades of corruption and shifted from being “felix” to be

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