Nuovi piatti de la Pizzaria La Notizia

La Notizia presents its new plates

It was launched on a big question mark the evening that, last Monday, gathered journalists, pizza lovers and habitue of the pizzeria located in via Caravaggio to present La Notizia new plates.

The same question mark that dominates on the blank score before the composer writes his music, the one that moves a fashion designer in shaping his clothes, inventing, every time, different cuts and patterns, the one that is on the painter’s canvas before the realization of the painting or in a writer head struggling with a new novel. It is the creativity question mark, the ability, energy, or gift, everyone calls it in his own way, that pushes us to conceive something new.

With a rich dowry and dose of inventiveness, Enzo Coccia, which certainly is not the person who twiddle his thumbs, devised a set of plates, imaginative completion of its tasty creations, because at the table people are enticed not only by what is delicious, but also by what is pretty.

Anticipated by a video that delves the energic pizzaiolo into a silent film atmosphere, the six plates, made with Germano Massenzio and Simone Prisco, cartoonists and illustrators, which translated his idea on paper, and Casolaro, which transfer it on porcelain, were the protagonists, with some new pizzas, of the event planned by the journalist Laura Gambacorta and kept in rhythm by Enzo Sirletti and Floriana D’Andrea songs.

Not only for its pizzas, then, La Notizia led people talking about it for its plates, beautiful and absolutely original, which depict and give an overview of Naples and the Neapolitans.

Naples has its symbols, which tell its identity and history. City of bel canto par excellence, it has its own music, which has always distinguished and makes it famous all around the world. Seduce whoever comes close with its food and the coffee defined the Neapolitan days. The superstition reigns supreme and to the evil eye the inhabitants oppose horns and horseshoes while old is the culture of the game, so that for every dream they try to match a combination of lucky numbers to play at lotto.

With the new plates, some new pizzas captivated the guests in the evening that saw the debut of two made in Spain ingredients: Cantabrian anchovies, that on the pizza “Sun on a plate” were combined with the yellow tomatoes and the buffalo mozzarella, and Caviaroli, small balls of extra virgin olive oil with chilli pepper.

Simulating the delicate refinement of caviar, those balls, which for the first time reigned in Ferran Adrià kitchen of El Bulli, were coupled with fior di latte and Paolo Parisi ham added when pizza came out to preserve its incredible taste, embellished with chopped arugula. A sweet end with pistachio savour spumoni made by cremeria Gabriele from Vico Equense, for which they couldn’t choose a more appropriate plate, the one of music, for the palate I mean.

Henceforth, keep an eye on the surprise in your plate!