Mona Lisa breathes in the aromas of Neapolitan pizza at the Louvre Museum

It was an intense weekend in Paris for the Neapolitan pizza that saw it playing a leading role, on November 28 and 29, at “Le Grand Tasting, le festival des meilleurs vins”, the prestigious gathering of wine lovers that, every year, makes available and sets up tastings of the crème de la crème of French and foreign nectars.

In this edition, exactly the ninth, the rendezvous organized by the duo Michel Bettane-Thierry Desseauve counted in the halls of the Carrousel du Louvre about 370 producers who let the oenophiles train the taste and dive the nose into the best wines and champagnes selected and recommended by the guide which bears the two Messieurs signature.

In a très chic district of Paris, not far from the great masters works of art, the pizza, carried with other delicacies from Campania to the “City of Lights” by Le Strade della Mozzarella, the famous event dedicated to the buffalo mozzarella, passed the famous pyramidal entrance to shine in Enzo Coccia, Franco Pepe, Gennaro Nasti, Francesco and Salvatore Salvo hands.

One of this year new things was, in fact, the presence of the event that takes place in Paestum. For the first time, the convention moved abroad to start a journey that will consist of two more stops, in Geneva and in London, with the aim of making the PDO dairy product known to the international markets. And with the white gold from Campania the pizza couldn’t certainly be absent which was insert in the Ateliers Gourmets, two workshops, (seats went like hot cakes) orchestrated by Enzo Vizzari, director of the guides L’Espresso, on Neapolitan delicacy and wine pairings.

To conclude the stay in the French capital of LSDM, from the immense exhibition space of rue de Rivoli, the troupe from Campania moved to the pizzeria “La Famiglia” of Rebellato, where Luciano Pignataro from Il Mattino directed the work. A great end with the soul of the pizza, the deep-fried pizza, as the original one made by Enzo Coccia, which wore for a moment the clothes of the carnacottaro and stuffed it with the strong soup, or soffritto, a sauce made of pig’s offals.

While in the past it was stolen from the museum, this time, breathing the smell of those delicacies, we risked that the Mona Lisa escaped to come back to Italy.