Pizza with sausage or cured meats with asbestos?

by Enzo Coccia
We were mangiafoglie (leaf eaters) and we became mangiamaccheroni (macaroni eaters). Then, the modernity and the economic boom changed us into mangiacarne (meat eaters). We look for bacon, bresaola, culatello, mortadella: specialties that we love and we put on our plates or eat on the go - it happens to all of us to eat a slice of...

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Pizza Margherita or Mediterranea?

by Andrea and Enzo Coccia
If we ask most people which is the authentic Neapolitan pizza, most of them will reply the margherita. An obvious answer where the technique, the oven, the toppings and every single characteristics of the final product are not taken into account. Many people even make the origin of the Neapolitan pizza correspond with the birth...

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Magliette con ingredienti pizza

Summer pizzas

by Lina Malafronte

Piennolo or San Marzano tomatoes? Buffalo mozzarella or fior di latte? Friggitelli o friarielli? Anchovies or tuna? These are the ingredients -to tell the truth, some of the ingredients more popular when the skies are blue and the mercury soars.

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35 % di Pizza

Pizza percentages

by Enzo Coccia My writing comes from a series of questions that, as a set of snap-shots, placed one after the other, I ask myself about my job. Each picture coincides with a multitude of questions, it seems to unroll an old film of Super 8.

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