The news is in “The News”

by Enzo Coccia

About nine years ago, I opened my pizzeria La Notizia (the news) 94, in via Michelangelo da Caravaggio 94, just 400 meters away from the historic place. The idea was to create a workshop where some artisans, led by Antonio Errico and me, could experience the pleasure of taking new pathways of taste. Long leavening; search for typical and quality products; a rich selection of wines and craft beers to match the different types of pizzas; a table reservation service available from Monday to Friday: in short, the news was in La Notizia 94.

I am convinced that new ideas are fundamental to developing one’s work section, but I am equally convinced that they also represent the lifeblood for ourselves, a journey into one’s own self.

But what is the fuel that enables a motor to go on new roads? These particular hydrocarbons are made up of triple compounds such as enthusiasm, curiosity and constancy. However, there are also free atoms of pure folly and fun in these bonds. If I wish to continue on this path? Absolutely, but I must also reawaken the energy by passing down these values to my sons. So, the news will always be in La Notizia 94.