Formazione di pizzaioli

Learning: Nobody’s born knowing everything

by Enzo and Andrea Coccia

During the Pizza Formamentis Congress on Monday and Tuesday 25th and 26th at Palazzo Caracciolo in Naples several issues were discussed. One of them, which led to a lively debate, was: the complete vocational training of the pizzeria professionals (pizzaioli, bakers, waiters).

The word “education” comes from the Greek paideia, namely: the rearing and care of children by means of the cultural education. While the Latin verb docere means: to teach, show and inform. The Greeks and the Romans based their societies on the cultural education, that’s why they have been pillars and examples to follow for the future cultures.

A company (restaurant), which focuses on the growth, needs to invest in human resources development through education and training. The training process is neither static nor a set of isolated notions. It is like a custom-made suit, designed on the basis of each employee’s tasks. The ideal training program provides several skills to improve your work performances so as to be competitive on both national and international markets.

La Notizia staff have been attending lessons on beer, oil, wine, cheese, cured meats, service, food and drink English words. From our points of view, it is required an accurate training program that is completed by the daily work in the field. To achieve all this, we need skills, dedication, experiences and respect for the roles.

In effect, in the mid-1800’s the famous French chef Auguste Escoffier invented the concept of a pyramidal structure in the kitchen in which duties and tasks were distributed among roles, led by an Executive Chef.

We think that in the pizzerias too, looking at the future, we should be inspired by the restaurants’ organization and management, however being aware that, unlike the variety of dishes which represent a restaurant menu, we offer only one dish – the pizza.